Folsom Electric Probe Electrosex Butt Plug Electrode

Folsom Electric Company

MSRP: $229.00
(You save $50.00 )

folsom electric estim productsThe Probe Butt Plug Electrode produces some very interesting involuntary muscle contractions.

It's a bipolar electrode in the form of a cylindrical probe that has 5.25 inches insertable with a 1 inch width, which has been specially designed for safe but highly pleasurable anal insertion and e-stim use.

The Probe Butt Plug Electrode is made from high grade black plastic, with copper conductive strips embedded on each side. The electrical connection jacks are on the base. The circuit is completed between the two sides, and the plug produces striking electrical sensations wherever it is inserted.

Color: Black
Length: 5.75 inch
Insertable Length: 5.25 inch
Width: 1 inch
Poles: Bi-Polar
Special Notes:  Each surface area of the electrodes is about the same 1.25 square inches for a nice consistant current flow. Black banana sockets on the bottom are wired for the two side electrodes.

These take about 2 weeks to get to discreetly because these are built on demand.