Folsom Electric Vaginal Plug Electrosex E-Stim

Folsom Electric Company

MSRP: $249.00
(You save $60.00 )

folsom electric estim productsNot available in other plugs, our Vaginal Plug has three separate electrically conductive surfaces maximized to produce the ultimate stimulation satisfaction by those devilishly creative folks at Folsom Electric Company.

Two conductive surfaces are located near the base end of the plug, with the third located at the tip of the device, making the plug perfect for the "phasing" capabilities of many electro-stim power units.

This triple-contact electrode is usually used in either of two configurations. When you connect the two conductive surfaces near the base plate to your electro box, you will create an electrical path at the bottom of the plug. Alternatively, you can connect these two areas together using the Y-adapter that is included with this plug, thereby making it as a single acting conductor.

Using the Y-adapter and the third pole on the plug, you create a path from the tip of the shaft to the base electrodes. Or use the center tip conducting to a shaft ring or electro "blue bands" to stimulate the prostate/other and the sphincter separately. The different electrode configurations provide for varying erotic sensations. The base has three banana sockets at the base. Holes permit securing Vaginal Plug to the body with thin rope or other contraptions.

Color: Black
Length: 5.75 inches
Insertable Length: 5.35 inches
Width: 1.25 inches
Poles: Tri-Polar
Special Notes:  Each surface area of the electrodes is about the same 1.25 square inches for a nice consistant current flow.  The entire tip or dome is conductive. Black banana sockets on the bottom are wired for the two side electrodes. Red banana socket runs to the tip or dome electrode.

These take about 2 weeks to get to discreetly because these are built on demand.