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Warm Touch Automated Lubricant Dispenser & Warming System

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warm sex toy & accessory warming systemSet every caress on fire with the highly engineered Touch, it is a sophisticated system that solves any use issues that could possibly interrupt enjoying lubricant during a sensual experience.

The Warm™ Touch Automated Lubricant and Massage Oil Dispenser & Warming System is a luxuriously refined, automated dispensing system for warming your favorite personal lubricants and massage oils. Elevate the experience of using lube during intimate moments. No more slippery bottles, sticky nightstands, spills or losing contact to get more. With Touch™, a wave of the hand, lube seems to magically appear silky and warm into the palm of your hand. The Warm Touch™ is compatible with water and silicone-based liquid lubricants, flavored lubes, and scented/unscented massage oils including coconut oil.

A weighted base, no-spill design and signature purple guide-lighting along with the break-beam sensor activation ensures the Warm™ Touch Automated Lubricant Dispenser is effortless and pleasurable to use. Featuring our patented Tender Technology, Touch™ warms your favorite liquids within two minutes to a silky, irresistible temperature that will set your every caress on fire. Sensual purple lighting guides your hand for easy use, day or night. Enhance all your erotic moments effortlessly and feel the difference warm makes. Touch™ holds 4oz of your favorite lubricant or oil so you can enjoy the hot sensations again and again, simply refill as needed.

The Tender Technology™ in the Warm products uses a direct current infrared temperature core that is low-voltage and ideal to safely and effectively heat your pleasure products and intimacy enhancers. This patented, unique warmth is delivered in waves generating virtually zero emissions and was developed to support the life and quality of products used with Warm™ and Touch™.

  • Laser activated automatic dispensing right into hand
  • Compatible with all liquid lubricants and massage oils
  • Holds 4oz of preferred liquid for multiple use enjoyment, simply refill as needed
  • 3 different dispense settings
  • Purple guide-lighting for ease-of-use any time of day
  • Unique design with easy-to-fill tank, stabilized base, non-skid bottom, and washable drip-tray
  • Patented Tender Technology™ heats liquids within two minutes
  • UL, TUV, CE, and SGS Certified with a one-hour safety auto-off

By simply turning on your Warm or Touch, you start to stimulate your mind which can be the most powerful aphrodisiac for a satisfying sexual experience. The soft purple glow will trigger your arousal and deliciously build anticipation as your pleasure products or lubricants warm up to an irresistible temperature. Foreplay has never been easier! Reinvent your intimacy necessities, pleasure products and lubricants, through the addition of heat and get ready to experience entirely new and intensified sensations. Warmth easily integrates into sensual activity and creates a heightened reaction to intimate touch. Your products, whether used solo or with a partner, are erotically elevated. Enhance and deepen intimate connections through the simple act of investing in your partner’s comfort and complete pleasure. Allow for a safe and flirty way to share your wants and needs by letting WARM or TOUCH communicate without having to speak - I want to have fun and feel good together with you!

This Warm Touch Intimate Fluid Warmer is crafted from ABS Plastic as well as other materials which are non-porous and body-safe even for customers with sensitive skin. Do not submerge in water.

Color: Black, Purple
Materials: ABS Plastic
Length: 14 inch
Width: 6.75 inch(overall), 4.75 inch(thick)
Powered By: 110V wall plug
How to Use Item: Place desired toy or intimate accessory. Wait 15-20 minutes for wand to heat up to body temperature. Remove warm toy from sleeve before use.
Weight: 3 lb
Additional Information: temperature play, can be used with most masturbator or stroker materials, Phthalate Free. The Box Includes the Power cord, Mini instruction booklet, Travel tote and a Universal voltage power adapter.
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