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warm sex toy & accessory warming systemThe only luxury, heat-based bedroom accessory specifically designed to warm your favorite intimacy enhancers and pleasure products.

Say goodbye to chilly sex toys that kill the mood. The Warm Intimate Accessory Warming System is a discreet, vegan leather pouch that is 6.5 inches wide, 13 inches long with a 2.25 inch depth that warms any toy to create an enticing sensation. Reinvent the pleasure products currently in your nightstand by placing in Warm™ to elicit entirely new and heightened sensations. Highly engineered with smart sensors that communicate with the controller to allow for optimum heat balance of up to 130 Fahrenheit across the interior. 

With a simple push of a button and a soft, purple light, the Warm Sex Toy Warming System turns your bedroom accessories into necessities, making it the ultimate choice to elevate and intensify pleasurable moments through the sensation of heat. Enhance and deepen intimate connections through the simple act of investing in your partner’s comfort and complete pleasure by using Warm™ before a sensual encounter. To provide maximum pleasure the Warm™ will keep the contents warm for up to 40 minutes as long as it remains closed, even if the auto-ff feature is activated. Fully adaptable, Warm can heat items based on your desired temperature and the experience you crave. Stimulate arousal by simply turning on your Warm™, sliding in your pleasure products and anticipating sensual play, whether alone or with a partner.

The Warm™ is the only heat-based bedroom accessory created with the sole purpose of safely and effectively warming intimacy products for ignited sensual experiences. It’s signature Tender Technology™ is compatible with a variety of materials and Warm™ safe for use with all types of pleasure products including battery-operated and rechargeable. Tender Technology™ uses a patented carbon-fiber based temperature core that is low-voltage and ideal to safely and effectively heat your pleasure products and intimacy enhancers. This unique warmth is delivered in waves generating virtually zero emissions and was developed to support the life and quality of products used with Warm™. Taking time to warm up literally gets you and your partner hot!

The signature Warm color is the perfect blend of red hot and icy blue. Vorfreude Purple is {n.} The joyful, intense anticipation that comes from imagining future pleasures. The sleek, functional design of Warm™ is complemented by certified vegan leather which is non-porous, waterproof and incredibly soft and supple. The Warm™ cleans quickly and easily with a soft soapy cloth. Created exclusively for Warm™, the interior fabric liner is removable, machine washable and non-color transferring. Your most luxurious items can be heated and even stored between use in Warm™ regardless of their color or material. Easy to operate, the Warm™ features a simple on-off button and one-hour safety auto-off leaving you free to focus on enjoying your pleasure. Warm™ beautifully stores and protects your favorite products between use with its plush padding and includes a travel tote for additional convenience. 

With an average warming time starting at 15-20 minutes, Warm™ can accommodate an array of product sizes and shapes. Its sophisticated design allows Warm™ to discreetly heat your products while out in plain sight on a nightstand, bathroom counter or even a dining room table, his unique bedroom accessory is powered by 110V US with a long enough cord to reach lots of places. With a simple push of a button and its soft, purple light, Warm™ turns your bedroom accessories into necessities making it the ultimate choice to elevate and intensify your pleasurable moments through the sensation of heat. The sturdy, recyclable box can also double as storage. The box includes quick-start instructions, power cord, universal adapter box to accommodate international voltage and mini instruction booklet. Designed and engineered in sunny Southern California, each authentic Warm™ system features a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and is guaranteed to be made with love.warm warming guide

  • Be sure to wrap toys snugly and close snaps on the Warm for quick and even heating
  • Different materials have different warming times. Ceramic and glass will warm faster while silicone and dense items will require more warming time
  • Experience the different sensations WARM™ creates with all the materials you crave against your skin...silk, nylon, lace and even your favorite lingerie!
  • Smaller items can be placed between the vegan leather and interior lining to maximize interior space for larger products  
  • For most efficient use, place Warm on a bed or other soft surface to bolster heating capabilities, versus non-insulating objects such as a counter
  • After removing your items from Warm, always test the temperature first on a non-intimate body part such as the inside of your wrist or your forearm
  • Store your favorite intimate products in Warm between use. In addition to providing  safe and cushioned storage, warming up your pleasure becomes as easy as pressing a button!

This Warm™ Sex Toy Warmer is crafted from Vegan Polyurethane Faux Leather as well as other materials which are non-porous and body-safe even for customers with sensitive skin. Do not submerge in water.

Color: Black, Purple
Materials: Outer clutch wrap 60% Polyurethane, 40% Cotton; Warming Element Cover & Travel Tote 53% Polyester, 47% Nylon; Warming Element 100% Polyester Fiber.
Length: 13 inch
Insertable Length: 12 inch
Width: 6.5 inch(overall), 2.25 inch(thick)
Powered By: 110V wall plug
How to Use Item: Place desired toy or intimate accessory. Wait 15-20 minutes for wand to heat up to body temperature. Remove warm toy from sleeve before use.
Weight: 10 oz
Additional Information: temperature play, can be used with most masturbator or stroker materials, Phthalate Free. The Box Includes the Power cord, Mini instruction booklet, Travel tote and a Universal voltage power adapter.
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