XR Brands CleanStream Premium 150mL Enema Syringe


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cleanstream enema and anal supplies Be confident. Be prepared.Deliver an enema in an easy and exciting way!

Plunge water into your ass with a massive 8.25 inch long syringe that allows you to control the fluid of your choice capacity down to the millimeter with the metric measurements up to 150mL on the tube, whether you're using it for anal sex prep, health, or just because it feels good. Ideal for clean-outs with a partner, this enema tool is fun for use during medical role play and other naughty endeavors.The tapered tip is easy and comfortable to insert for a pleasant experience. This plastic enema syringe is compatible with both silicone-based and water-based lubricants and cleans with mild soap and warm water.

Be confident. Be prepared. Ranging from disposable bulbs to shower attachments, CleanStream aims to provide the most convenient and efficient enema experience possible. Whether you clean out for health or pleasure, you’ll feel immaculate with any of CleanStream’s assortment of anal douches & enemas or systems. Hygiene and simplicity are paramount in this user-friendly line of enema products. Be confident. Be prepared.

Measurements: Has a 150ml fluid capacity. 8.25 inches in length, 2.25 inches in diameter, 1.3 inch insertable tip.
Material: ABS plastic, Rubber.
Color: Clear, Blue, Black