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cleanstream anal cleaning accessoriesPump It In & Let it Flow.

This easy-to-use allows you to steadily pump water or the liquid of your choice into the body for cleansing and purification. Enjoy creating a new sensation in anal play with the CleanStream In-Line Bulb Enema Syringe that is also called a Higginson syringe one-way pump. This bulb and nozzle combo sends liquid from one end submerged in liquid to the other end fitted with a tapered nozzle. All you have to do is fill the bulb with your favorite liquid.  The nozzle may be inserted into the rectum or into another device, such as CleanStream Inflatable Butt Plug, Double Bulb Bardex-Style, or a Bag Drip System. Inserting the In-Line Accelerator into another device gives extra control to pump liquid in a steady stream. You could place your finger over the hose and use the bulb to create a suction and to pump your partner's anus full of the liquid. It will create sensations that will drive them over the edge with pleasure.

This In-Line Bulb Enema Syringe has very good elasticity,it will not be out of shape even after thousands of extrusions. The Bulb syringe helps pump liquids with the suction head and the insertable end, these products are for anal and vaginal use. The CleanStream In-Line Bulb Enema Syringe provide a safer sex for you and your lover.

Be Confident. Be Prepared. The CleanStream brand is a collection of enema accessories ranging from affordable disposable applicators to high-end drip bag systems.

Color: Dark Red, White; color may differ slightly from images due to production runs.
Materials: Silicone, ABS Plastics
Measurements: Total Length: 28 inches; Anal Tip: 2.25 inches in length and .25 inches in diameter.
Weight: 5 oz
Note: for anal and vaginal use, body-safe, waterproof