XR Brands Size Matters Clitoral Pumping System with Detachable Cylinder

Size Matters

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size matters Increase your potential.  Expand upon your sex life with a line of products that is all about Bigger and Better! Use this pump to increase sensation in your clitoris, or even your nipples, enhancing pleasure!

Place the 3 inch long cylinder that has an internal width of .6 inches over your desired erogenous zone and squeeze the hand pump to draw blood into the area. You will feel suction as your clit increases temporarily in size and sensitivity. You can easily release the pressure in the cylinder by pressing the easy release valve on the bulb. You can also detach the industrial grade acrylic cylinder from the pump with an easy to use clip system, leaving your clit suctioned up in the cylinder. Savor the unique sensations of suction with this simple pumping system. This hand pump and cylinder is compatible with all the Size Matters Pumps and Accessories we sell.

Increase your potential with the XR Brands  Size Matters Collection. Expand upon your sex life with a line of products that is all about Bigger and Better! Ranging from enhancement sleeves to twist-up suckers to pumping systems, Size Matters offers an enormous selection of products for the erogenous zones of anyone interested in enlargement. Discover new heights of pleasure as sensitivity is increased! Push your physical limits with Size Matters.

Measurements: 12 inches in total length. Cylinder measures 3 inches in length, .6 inches internal diameter.
Material: PVC,Acrylic, metal, rubber.
Color: Clear, Red, Black
Note: Kit includes hand pump with hose and 1 clit or nipple cylinders. The Size Matters cylinders use high quality vac lock valves that allow the pump to be removed from the cylinder while keep pressure on area. Other pumps may not work with our cylinders.
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