Folsom Electric Wartenberg Pinwheel Bipolar Electrode

Folsom Electric Company

MSRP: $139.00
(You save $40.00 )

folsom electric estim productsSimilar to the unipolar version, the bipolar Wartenberg Pinwheel has two pinwheels instead of one, each pinwheel having its own electrode.

This allows the device to be used without the need for another unipolar device. Ideal for erotic foreplay, electrical fetish, and general tempt and tease, this unipolar Pinwheel will drive your partner wild as it sizzles across their flesh. Perfect for lovers to set that spark of desire alight, or alternatively, ideal for fetish role play scenarios and electrical fetishes.Rolling these two pointed wheels over the body provides a unique pleasure/pain sensation that will take your partner to a whole other level of sexual sensation.

Color: Silver
Poles: Bi-Polar
Special Notes:  All ElectraStim accessories come with a Pin Connection so if you have wires from any of the Erostek or Folsom boxes that have the standard Banana Plugs at the end of your wires, you'll need to have a set of the adapters called Banana to Pin connectors

These take about 2 weeks to get to discreetly because these are built on demand.