Dr Joel Kaplan Clitoris Enhancement Pump Kit with 2 Cylinders & Deluxe Hand Pump

Dr Joel Kaplan

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authorized retailer Dr Joel Kaplan medical sex toys and accessoriesExperience enhanced clitoral stimulation, and more frequent and intense orgasms with Dr. Joel Kaplan's Clitoris Enhancement Pump Kit.

Dr Joel Kaplan Clitoris Enhancement Pump Kit with 2 Cylinders & Deluxe Hand Pump effectively increases clitoral sensitivity and sensation. You will become more aroused and sensitive every time you pump. Using vacuum pressure, the pump brings blood-flow into your clitoral region, increasing arousal and stimulation every time you pump. You will be more sensitive to touch and physical stimulation.

Your sensitivity will increase because the pump increases blood-flow to the clitoris, stimulating your nerve endings in the region. You can use the Clitoris Enhancement Pump before sex to heighten sensitivity so you and your partner will have an easier time bringing yourself to arousal and orgasm. You have FULL CONTROL of your sex life as you can use the pump whenever you want, as often as you want.

Pumping to increase sensitivity and arousal is a completely painless, and even a pleasurable experience. The best part? All Dr Joel Kaplan enhancement kits include KaplanCare™ Customer Service to answer all of your questions regarding use and operation of the pump.

Vacuum therapy naturally rejuvenates, increasing circulation to the clitoris extending its dimension and sensitivity. The Clitoris Enhancement Pump Kit with 2 Cylinders & Deluxe Hand Pump contains 2 sizes of medical grade acrylic tubes tapered at the top and flared at the base for maximum comfort. A handheld trigger vacuum Deluxe Hand Pump with Gauge easily attaches to the cylinder of your choice. 

The vacuum trigger here is hand-pumped and comes complete with pressure gauge and 2 cylinders for different sizes/levels of intensity:

  • Small/Medium - 3.75 inch long and width of .75 inch
  • Large/Extra Large - 4 inch long and width of .875 inch.

The kit also includes a mini bullet vibrator with an adjustable speed dial and cup to fit over the clit. The kit's designed to medical specifications, and would also work well as part of a medical role play!