bswish Bfit Classic Silicone Kegel Exercise Ball Set Azure Blue

B Swish

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bswish classic sex toysGet into shape with this set of body-safe silicone love balls. Working out never felt so good.

Strengthen your pleasure in comfort and style with the Azure Blue Bfit Classic love balls, an adaptable workout regimen designed to grow with you. The Bfit Classic includes a single ball harness with 3 inches insertable and a dual ball harness with 4.75 inches insertable, along with two petite interchangeable silky-smooth silicone kegel love balls that are 1.18 inches around with internal ABS Plastic weights. Find the routine that works best for you by using either the single 24 gram or .85 oz weighted silicone ball, or combine both balls for a total of 48 grams or 1.69 oz whichever routine you choose, you’ll enjoy better sex and a healthier pelvic area. There is an easy to use safety finger ring that is soft & stretchy at 1 inch wide, it is flexible so not to cause discomfort when wearing kegel balls for extended times.

Along with stimulating the PC muscles, causing a flex reaction that results in a strengthening effect over time, the BFit Classic blissfully targets nerve-ending rich areas of the vagina as the free-form weights within roll, bounce and jiggle along with movement. Strengthening your PC muscles or as they are known by most, Kegels, not only has a medical use. As you work out these pelvic floor muscles or kegels you can control incontinence caused by childbirth and/or age, increase "tightness" during sex but also increase your orgasm strength which might be the best part.The Bfit Classic is waterproof and perfect for the bath or shower.

Made from non-toxic Silicone, The Bswish toys are non-porous making them safe for even women with sensitive skin or nody. To aid with inserting these kegel balls you can use a small amount of your favorite Water Based Lubricant. to make them slide in easily. Some women find it easier to insert lying down or like inserting a tampon with a leg on the toilet or bathtub. Cleanup is a breeze, simply use soap and warm water or try the Toy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Best used with a quality water-based lubricant to protect the smooth surface. The Bfit Classic is available in 3 beautiful colors like Black, Powder Pink and Azure Blue so there is a choice for everyone. Store this toy separately from other sex toys. A plushy, fleece lined storage bag included as well.

Color: Azure Blue
Material: Silicone, ABS plastic
Length: 5.75 inch(dual ball harness), 4 inch(single ball harness)
Insertable Length: 4.75 inch(dual ball harness), 3 inch(single ball harness), 1.18 inch(ball)
Width: 1.18 inch(each ball), 1.22 inch(harness), 1 inch(finger ring)
Weight: 24 grams or .85 oz each or 1.69 oz for both
Powered by: You
Special Features: strengthen pc or kegel muscles, 2 available weights, round smooth balls, Phthalate Free, body-safe, 1 Instruction Booklet, 2 Silicone Harnesses, 2 Silicone Love Balls, waterproof, discreet, no batteries needed