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sex and mischief fetish gear by sportsheetsThese weighty jewels are made from delightfully smooth Borosilicate(Pyrex®) glass balls are wrapped in washable silicone ball cradle provide hours of fantasy fun and pleasure while strengthening your muscles.

Exercising your PC muscles also called Kegels not only benefit your health but also makes your orgasms better than ever. These kegel exercisers are the perfect size for beginners and experienced vagina power lifters. The Sex & Mischief Feminine Jewels Kegel Balls can be used by women who've had children or incontinence issues will wonder why they haven't tried it sooner.

Material: Borosilicate Pyrex glass, Silicone
Color: Red, Black
Length: 6 inch(cradle), 1.5 inch(ball)
Width:  1.5 inch(ball)
Weight: 5 oz