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sex and mischief fetish gearSportsheets Sex and Mischief Collection Steele Balls are easy to use. A woman inserts the balls and will become aroused as they move while she moves or walks around.

The balls are weighted so that you have to contract your muscles to hold them in and in turn builds muscle strength. This is not only helpful with strengthening vaginal muscles but also helps strengthen bladder control. Use with intercourse or when doing your Kegel exercise routine. Although these Ben Wa balls are listed as vibrating they do not vibrate in a traditional way but through kinetic energy. Also includes a felt bag for storage.

Color: Silver
Materials: Stainless Steel
Size: 1 inch round
Weight: .25 oz
Features: strength kegel pc muscles, better sex, helps incontinence

I asked her to close her eyes and hold out her hand.  She game me a look, but did as requested.  I opened the small box I had hidden in my pocket and tipped the contents into her palm.  I liked the delicate sound the metal balls made as they rolled around in her hand, sensual and alluring.  How could something so small offer so much promise?

It was easy to read the puzzlement on her face.  Finally, she asked, "what are these?" "Guess," I prompted.  "Hmmm, they're too heavy for marbles.  Too light for fishing weights."  She giggled, "I give up."  I told her to open her eyes.  It took only a moment for it to register.  She had asked for a set a few months ago.  My gift was rewarded with a leap into my waiting arms and a deep kiss that I was sure would lead to many interesting evenings ahead.