Trojan Magnum Bare Skin Lubricated Condoms 10 Pack


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trojan condoms and lubricants The thinnest Magnum condom, designed to provide heightened sensitivity and comfort.

Trojan MAGNUM BARESKIN Condoms are 20% thinner and 18% wider toward the tip than regular MAGNUM lubricated condoms. Pick up a pack of Trojan's Magnum Bareskin condoms for contraception and sexually transmitted infection (STI) protection that you can trust. Your favorite condom is now thinner and stronger than ever. Trojan's Magnum Bareskin puts you closer to your partner while protecting your safety with a ultra-thin premium latex barrier, and the wide shape keeps larger guys comfortable.

The smooth texturing lets you work up a great glide, and a light water-based lubricant coating lasts for the entire experience. The popular Magnum design is significantly wider than standard condoms for your pleasure, while the base is tight enough to provide a secure fit. Trojan condoms are electronically tested, and Magnum Bareskin condoms feature a reservoir tip for enhanced protection.

Size: 10 pack
Ingredients: Latex