OxBalls Clone Duo Double Stack Cone Silicone Ball Stretcher Set Black


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ox balls usa sex toysOxballs loves balls, they are our second most favorite part of a guy.

The OxBalls Clone Duo Double Stack Cone Silicone Ball Stretcher Set in Black are a blast during solo JO play or while fucking. The feel of squeeze on your sack, the weighty heft of rubbery silicone hanging on your nuts, the stretch and the tug, so many good feels. 

The Clone BallStretchers are for the ultimate ball play fun, you can use just one with the flared funnel-shape snug around your ballsack or flip it for max ball push-down. Or stack two Clones for an intense stretch with all the grip where you want it. The flare rests at the base of your dick, cupping your balls with max-stretch in the middle. The shape of the Black OxBalls Clone Duo Silicone Ball Stretcher Set makes this toy incredibly comfortable, the flared end doesn’t dig into your sack and all the grip is right where it feels best.

CLONE regular size 2-pack
Height: 1.4" 36 mm
Height 2-pieces nested: 2” 51 mm
Height 2-pieces stacked: 2.8” 72 mm
Width: 2.4” 61 mm
Length: 2.4” 61 mm
Outside circumference (narrow end): 5.4” 137 mm
Outside circumference (widest end): 7.5” 191 mm
Outside diameter (narrow end): 1.6” 41 mm
Outside diameter (widest end): 2.4” 61 mm
Inside circumference (smallest opening): 2.9” 74 mm
Inside circumference (widest opening): 4.1” 105 mm
Inside diameter (smallest opening): .9” 23 mm
Inside diameter (widest opening): 1.3” 33 mm
Weight Each: 2.5 ounces .07 kilo
Weight 2-pack total: 5 ounces .15 kilo

These are made of our best pure Liquid Platinum Silicone. This stuff is fleshy, warm and heavy…it feels like it is part of you. Because these are silicone, they are very stretchy but also heavy. Platinum Silicone is the heaviest material for ballstretchers—that makes these the best around. The extra heaviness feels amazing pulling your sack down. The design of CLONE looks a bit intimidating, but we have tested and used this toy (it’s hard work here at OXBALLS but we do it). CLONE feels good…really good, it’s perfect for big ballers or high & tight sacks. We love this toy! CLONE-1 is the regular size, it’s best for most guys. The Pool Blue & Black OxBalls Clone Huge is for the big balls, guys that pump/plump or pierced sacks—you know who you are… Available in Yellow & BlackRed & Black and Black

This unique OXBALLS toy is made in the USA from body-safe Platinum Silicone material that is firm and durable that warms quickly to body temp. After use, carefully wash the ring with mild soap and water or try some Toy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this toy separately from other sex toys.

Color: Tar Black
Materials: Platinum Silicone
Length: 2 inch(tall)
Width: 1.11 inch(inside diameter),  1.83 inch(outside diameter)
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Weight: 1.6 oz
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