Royal Intimacy Extra Large Ultra Thin Vegan Latex Condoms 20-Pack

Royal Intimacy

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authorized retailer royal intimacy condoms and accessoriesNo more tight corset around your piece!

Perfect for those who need a bigger holster for that sword, these Royal Intimacy Extra Large Ultra Thin Vegan Latex Condoms 20-Pack will have you confidently conquering the bedroom, in the most comfortable, healthy, and pleasurable way possible. The Extra Large Ultra Thin Condoms are completely vegan-friendly, made from natural latex, and 35% thinner with more room to breath for maximum comfort. 

  • Vegan: Casein Free, Odorless
  • 35% Thinner
  • XL Comfort Fit, Anti-Slip
  • Spermicide Free
  • Non-Toxic, Sustainably Sourced Ingredients
  • Fair Trade Natural Latex
  • FDA Cleared, 3x Tested For Safety & Reliability
  • FDA Cleared condom for Anal Intercourse.

Package Quantity: 20 Latex Condoms
Size: Length - 205mm minimum; Width - 56-60mm; Thickness - .056mm.
Features: Reservoir Tip, Contains Lubricant, Sensitive, Electronically Tested
Material: Natural latex, Sulfur, Zinc Oxide, Irganox-1330, Potassium Hydroxide, Zinc-N-dibutyl-dithio-carbonate, Oleic acid, Ammonia liquor, Cetodec-500, Bentinite clay, Vultamol NN 8906, U.S.P Corn Starch, Silicone, Food-grade flavor.